We here at See if it Sticks want to bring our podcasts to you not just in audio but in the written word as well! So here are a few of the highlights of each episode. Read along as you listen!

001: Sweat, Bogs & Pinch 'n' Roll

0:00 - 2:12 The boys explain what the show is about. Dom gets wordy Ross gets confused
2:27 Ross is still confused. This time by his list.
3:10 The first problem is brought to the table. Toilet etiquette!
11:30 Dan regales his fellow about the time he pissed all over the stairs.
13:07 Dom continues the trend telling the boys about the time he pissed the bed in Germany.
14:39 The guys complain about their lack of drinking prowess now they are in their mid 20's.
15:38 Dans Australian sleep recording shenanigans.
17:09 Problem solved! Electrified urinals
19:49 Dan farts... Dom breaks out his trumpet!
21:51 Second problem of the day. Keeping yourself cool in bed.
24:18 Dan rubs the lotion on his skin
24:40 Imaginary lotion
26:08 Imaginary spiders
27:05 Dom goes to the zoo. Pork, spiders and accidental racism ensues!
35:14 The boys experience the awfulness that is Kanye's bohemian rhapsody performance.
38:06 Dom gets confused about who is alive in ACDC
39:08 Problem solved... ish cold blankets and Teflon radiators
45:40 Dom hates on verification emails
48:06 Ross and Dan decide Dom's email problem isn't a problem. Dom is sad.
48:45 Ross' list confuses him again.
49:15 The morality of downloading is discussed.
50:20 Dan's tips for your fake I.D.
52:35 Serious streaming discussion.
53:13 Dan presents his heat related problem- Ball Sweat.
54:25 Dan goes into detail about ball discomfort.
55:40 Shock reveal! Dan and Dom are all ball!
55:59 Batman cape pants.
58:30 Ball trimming tips from Ross and Dan.
1:00:25 Dan demonstrates the pinch 'n' roll.
1:01:13 Penis them music.
1:03:23 Ball problem solved. Mr Freeze's cooling pants!
1:09:30 The boys pick an episode name.
1:12:50 Fin

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